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The focus of our curriculum in the Upper School is to prepare our students for a successful future in high school and college.  These are the years our students prepare for their final sacraments and learn to be thoughtful citizens in the future. This is also the stage in their academic achievement  to polish and excel in the skills they acquired previously. These years provide an opportunity to expand to higher order thinking.

Reading & Literature

Students use anthologies as a springboard to analyze and comprehend literature through novels and classics.  This comes twofold: Imagine a student reading and analyzing Chekov while writing a composition with thought-provoking feedback.  In addition, and in Catholic school tradition, a grammar book will accompany the process to gain knowledge of the English language and polish it with distinct language in preparation of becoming effective communicators.



As mathematicians, the students prepare for the understanding of exponential equations, mental math, analyzing functional relationships, scientific notation, geometric measurement, as well as pre-algebraic studies.  This also leads to the opportunity for our students who need to be challenged further to partake in a high school level algebra course at St. Rose High School across the street. Our campus-like atmosphere comes in handy when students need to pursue a higher level of thinking by utilizing our secondary math curriculum.



Science focuses on the biological aspect including photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  The classification of living things and the Earth’s system including minerals and conservation.  This also leads to a more creative and hands on environment when it relates to engineering. The level of the builder becomes intertwined with the level of the thinker.



The world of social studies turns into a journey through America from the English colonies to the road to independence, the study of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The civil war is analyzed as well as the industrial revolution. The study of our judicial system turns into a mock trial in our local municipal courtroom that brings to life the way our system works on a daily basis.  This also provides an opportunity for our students to study ancient history through an Egyptian museum that students create and implement their public speaking skills.


In religious studies, our students prepare themselves for Confirmation, the study of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the study of vocations and virtues, as well as living as disciples of Jesus.  The Catholic Church in the modern age and Church service and Holy Communion are examined.

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