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Special Orders

It is our goal to help fill all your uniform requirements.  (See handbook for details).  We are located in the SRGS Annex 701 7th Avenue in Belmar. The uniform store hours are posted in the school calendar or a notice is sent via School Messenger (usually days in August, September, October, January, April, and May).  Days and hours vary.


Should you need to order uniforms in between sale days, please print the uniform order form and send it with your payment to the school office to the attention of Mrs. Tina Lorusso (checks should be made out to SRGS). Orders will be filled and sent home with your child.  For emergency orders only, please email Mrs. Lorusso at 

Uniform Store will be open:  

  • March 28th:  6pm - 8pm

NOTE: Spring uniforms begin Monday, April 17th.

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