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Our primary grade classes provide an opportunity for children to develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually, within the nurturing and loving environment of a Catholic school. The curriculum consists of religion, art, mathematics, science, social studies, reading, phonics, Spanish, technology, and physical education.


St Rose has created a highly effective reading achievement environment that focuses on accuracy, fluency and comprehension, where students learn the basic skills necessary to become effective communicators. Its strong phonetic component assists in developing a predictable progression, early success with text, and an efficient way to give children a command of language.  This all works with systematic instruction, so that there is an even flow of student acquisition of reading skills. This all correlates to the important integration of grammar, writing, spelling and handwriting - a Catholic school tradition that separates us from the rest.


Moreover, a literacy/reading specialist is on hand to provide teachers and students with the tools they need to grow student literacy skills through established reading levels, growth data, and self-challenging reading libraries.



Mathematics spans many skills that are equally important to life skills and provide a strong foundation for the future.  Understanding data through sorting, comparing, number graphing, shapes, time and money are all vital as a prelude to high order thinking.  This leads to additional number sentences to comprehend measurement, weight and capacity. Our strong belief in building basic math skills is evident and attested to by providing a challenging mathematics curriculum in the middle and upper school grades.



Understanding the world around us provides a global perspective on working in our community and a clear perception of our Earth, land, water, and landforms in a geographic setting.  Not only do our students in the primary grades learn to compare those settings with integrated math bar graphs, but they also accumulate a sense of history for our world and country. This leads to an understanding of economics through the need for citizenship, the movement of commerce, and the types of jobs Americans perform to make our economy work effectively.  Comparing how other countries around the globe run their governments and trade provides a true understanding of the global world they face.



Science explores and allows our students to immerse their growing minds in understanding plants, animals and the human body.  Habitats, weather, pollution and recycling are all understood as students realize how important their surroundings are to making their world a better place.  This further explores the need to understanding Earth’s resources through rocks, minerals and matter. Even the insight into space beyond our Earth is explored.  This is all further reinforced in our maker-space facility where our students can construct and create in a hands on environment.



Our Sadlier religion program provides an opportunity to have a clear understanding of Christianity and the Catholic faith.  Giving children a true meaning into the importance of prayer, love, caring and kindness are vital to comprehending the teachings of Christianity.  Helping those around us and the teachings of Jesus are all integrated into the religious program. Most importantly, the children are prepared to receive their first sacraments through meaningful lessons and activities.

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