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Early Childhood Education should be a journey, not a race.   On the journey children travel at their own pace according to their individual development, background of experiences, and needs. 

Developing the Whole Child

St. Rose Grammar School assists in developing the whole person, spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually.  Therefore early childhood education experiences should provide the opportunity for unifying all aspect of a child’s life.


The Early Childhood Program offers time and space for young children to be children where they are free to play, explore and imagine.  It is designed to lead them from wonder to discovery and from investigation to affirmation.  It provides the opportunity for all children to associate pleasure with learning. Children have a tremendous potential for growth.  Their God-given imagination and minds are eager for stimulation.  In a warm, caring, risk-free environment, teachers manifest Catholic beliefs, values and attitudes.  Young children are encouraged to develop a positive image of themselves and others.


Pre-K Curriculum

Pre-K Curriculum includes: an introduction to letters, numbers, colors, shapes and patterns, computers, art, music, physical education, and Spanish, all geared toward the development of the whole child and aimed toward Kindergarten readiness skills.

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