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Since 1921 we have been educating students academically, socially, and spiritually. 

St. Rose

Saint Rose Grammar School has been an institution dedicated to education and service to the community since 1921. When a new student enters Saint Rose they are not only embraced by our community, but they also become a part of its rich history.


Saint Rose Grammar School was established during the 27 year tenure of Saint Rose Church Pastor, Msgr. William McConnell, whose broad vision of the future of Saint Rose led to the development of both the grammar school and high school. Located behind the church is the historic “Old Red Brick Building” whose corner stone was laid in 1921 and which was the center of all academic activities from the school’s inception. By 1923 the community had expanded to a total of 120 grammar and high school students. In 1950, Msgr. Peter Teston began a 25 year pastorate that marked a period of tremendous growth and prosperity for the parish and schools. This led to the construction of a new high school in 1957 and the current grammar school building in 1968.

Today Saint Rose boasts a 4 acre technologically enhanced campus that includes Saint Rose Church as well as Saint Rose Grammar and High School. The school is comprised of a community of committed families and a dedicated faculty and staff who are proud to offer a safe, nurturing, modern, and challenging academic environment that celebrates diversity and fosters the potential of each individual child.

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