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Basic skills continue to develop through structured activities, hands-on experiences and small and large group instruction. Students develop an awareness of their role in a community of faith and learn to experience and rejoice in God's world. Every student receives the support of our gifted staff of faculty, utilizing the latest academic tools and technology, to reinforce each day’s lessons.


Our students in the middle school are exposed to a new “Wonders” reading program.  This comprehensive approach provides instruction for connected language arts, English language development and intervention. It also provides high interest literary and informational text across various genres.  Most importantly, we provide an opportunity for students to zone in on comprehension.


The program makes a home and school connection through purposeful technology and enhanced instruction in the classroom.  In order to make this happen, all classrooms receive interactive LCD projectors that will allow the students to use their Chromebooks to connect with the publishers’ sites for a 21st century learning experience.



in the middle grades steps up basic acquisition of data with a clear understanding of place value, decimals, equations, problem solving and a vital comprehension of fractions that provides an avenue for pre-algebra.  Geometry takes on a role through lines, angles and figures, comparison and order of integers, and implementing the use of customary and metric systems to understand both domestic, scientific and global measurements.



Extending student comprehension of our nation’s history, students in the middle grades have an opportunity to meet early explorers, timelines, early settlements in the new world, and of course America’s revolution and the impact it had on our own nation and the rest of world.  Forming a government and building a constitution provides a base for understanding our own democracy and make crucial decisions in life when connecting to elections and the process of branches in government.



Building on the science learned in the primary grades, middle grade students reinforce their understanding of cell formation, the human body and inherited characteristics, as well as energy, ecosystems and photosynthesis.  Even our fourth grade creates a magnificent indoor rainforest that students build to display for the St. Rose community to grasp and encounter. In the physical science area, our students are exposed to matter, light, sound, forces and motion.


On the religious side, students expand their understanding of the liturgical year and ordinary time.  Lenten season is provided with time for prayer and reflection that leads to the celebration of Easter. Most importantly, these grades focus on how Jesus taught us to love and serve.  The fact that the Church is the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit is the source of its life is studied. A focus on the Sunday Gospel is emphasized as well.

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