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In order to make the school lunch as efficient as possible, using traditional cash will really slow things down and it is highly discouraged.  Instead, we recommend and strongly encourage that you setup an account and load money for students to use when buying items at lunch.  Students will simply scan their ID card and go. It’s simple. Maschio’s uses a company called, PaySchools, to process payments.  


Before your child's first day of school, we recommend that you follow the instructions below, setup your account, add your child(ren) and load money onto their account.  


  1. Either download the PaySchools mobile app or create your account online at:

  2. Click Register

  3. Complete the registration form

  4. Check your email for a confirmation email

  5. Login to your account

  6. Add a child

  7. Choose New Jersey, choose St. Rose Belmar, enter your child’s school ID #, their First and Last Name (these must match Parent Portal)

  8. Add money to each child

  9. Checkout

  10. Add payment method

  11. Turn on/off Auto Replenishment

  12. Done!


Need help?  Watch the two videos linked above that will help guide you on creating an account, adding your child(ren) and loading money onto your account.

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