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The Saint Rose School Board has as its top priority to increase enrollment at the Grammar School. The Board believes that growth in student enrollment is most effective when current Saint Rose families share their enthusiasm for their school with family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, fellow church members, and others.

In an effort to encourage this type of activity, the School Board is pleased to offer a program to increase enrollment and reward existing families for their efforts in promoting Saint Rose Grammar School.

How does the program work? 
Any existing family whose promotional and referral efforts result in a new family registering for and attending Saint Rose Grammar School (PreK excluded) will receive a one-time tuition credit equal to $1,000.


  • A parent from the referring family must introduce the prospective family to the school administrator, or his designee, to discuss the possible enrollment of the new family’s children.

  • The prospective family must have had no previous contact with the school regarding information about enrollment.

  • The new family recruited will need to qualify and meet all existing admissions requirements.

  • The new family must attend Saint Rose Grammar School for the balance of the school year.

  • The tuition credit for the referring family will be applied to their tuition bill in May. If the referring family tuition is already fully paid, the credit will be applied to the following year’s tuition. Tuition accounts for both families must be current at the time of credit.

  • Enrollments after the start of the school year will result in the incentive credit being pro-rated.

  • This recruiting incentive can be earned by any family, even if they are receiving other tuition reductions and/or financial aid. However, the amount of the tuition assistance plus the referral credit cannot exceed the amount of the annual tuition.

  • The tuition credit has no cash value.

  • The school administration reserves the right to interpret any aspect of the program, including issues or scenarios that are not specifically covered in this document. The school reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program without notice.

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