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The school yearbook is an important part of capturing important memories. Each year the yearbook is a celebration of the learning, fun, and faith filled environment of St. Rose Grammar School. The memories captured will be remembered by students and parents for years to come. Each year our yearbook committee, consisting mostly of 8th graders, gathers to begin the process of documenting the schools events. Participation in this fun club makes the student part of documenting history.

The Saint Rose Student Council is designed to help develop student leadership from the grammar to middle school grades. They meet to discuss campus wide issues that affect the students of the grammar school, and they plan and fundraise for the annual Carnival Day.


Scan in your Box Tops receipts all year long!

The St. Rose Choir is a wonderful way for students to explore the world of music and learn to sing as a group. Students will learn the beautiful science of melody and harmony under the direction of an experienced conductor. Singing and praying the beautiful lyrics of church hymns and service music, as well as popular choral musical ensembles.

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